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As an original member and seminar lecturer for the Austin Energy Green Building program, we can offer and discuss many options for green building home design methods. Many green homebuilding recommendations will not only help to make your home more sustainable but may also help to reduce energy consumption and save you money on utility bills. Some energy saving measures are also eligible for federal tax credits.

Following are a few of the green building techniques that we have employed in the past that you may wish to consider as part of your home design:

  • High efficiency on demand hot water heating 

  • Water cooled evaporator coils for air conditioning systems through a geothermal loop

  • Variable speed heating and air conditioning systems

  • Open cell spray foam attic and wall insulation envelope

  • Smart home system controls

  • Low voltage and LED lighting

  • Solar system power generation with battery storage

  • Energy efficient exterior door and window systems

  • Drinking water treatment systems

  • Trash and recycling compactors

  • In wall pest control spray tubing system

  • Pre-treating house framing for mildew resistance

  • Energy efficient architectural design

  • Radiant barrier roof decking material

  • Drip irrigation systems

  • Rainwater collection systems

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