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Custom Home Building Process

Whether you already have plans and are ready to start building or it's just an idea in your head, Signature Homes can help you through the full process of unlocking the doors to your new dream home!

Building Site

The first step to achieving you dream home is finding the right piece of property.  If you do not already own a property for your new custom home, we can assist you in locating and purchasing the property that is right for you through our affiliate company Barton Springs Realty

Architectural Design

Once the location of your new home has been determined, we are able to assist you with the architectural design process. If you have an architectural designer that you would like to use or already have a set of completed drawings, we will proceed to work with the architectural firm of your choice. If you do not already have an architectural designer selected, we can provide you with several recommendations of firms that we have worked with on previous projects.


The construction of a custom home may be financed on a cash basis or through a third party lender. Clients can obtain financing independently or we can help recommend mortgage lenders that we have worked with in the past. 


Once the plans are completed and permitted it is time to start building your new home. Signature Homes provides regular progress and budget updates to keep the homeowner constantly informed and ensure that the project is meeting timelines. Walk throughs with homeowners are performed regularly to assure quality and to assist with on going design.

Interior Design

Interior design professionals can be helpful in assisting the homeowner by simplifying the design selection process. Some clients may prefer to involve an interior designer in many of the design decisions, while others prefer to make all or most design decisions without consultation. Signature Homes is happy to work with a designer of your choosing or can provide recommendations of designers we have collaborated with in the past. 

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